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Almah "Unfold"  exclusive license for Greece! 6.00
Altair "Descending - A Devilish Comedy" 9.00
Amethyst "Time Of Slaughters" 2.00
Ancient "Det Glemte Riket" 5.00
Ancient "Trolltaar"  remastered re-release + 3 bonus live tracks! 10.00
Angelo Perlepes' Mystery "Mystery"  re-release remastered + bonus track 9.00
Angelo Perlepes' Mystery "Tales…"  remastered re-release 9.00
Ares  "Divine Creation" 2.00
Ariadna Project "Novus Mundus"   digi + bonus track 9.00
Ashes You Leave "Songs Of The Lost"   re-release + bonus video-clip 4.00
Astarte "Doomed Dark Years" digi re-release + 5 bonus tracks 10.00
Ataraxia "Deep Blue Firmament"   12.00
Ataraxia "Deep Blue Firmament"  digipack + bonus track 14.00
Azrael's Bane "Modern Day Babylon"  deluxe digi 2-cd (incl. and their debut "Wings Of Innocence") 15.00
Blackmore's Night "Dancer And The Moon"   deluxe digipack 2-cd (cd+DVD) 10.00
Blind Justice "In The Name Of Justice" 7.00
Bloodphemy "Blood Will Tell"  mini-cd + bonus track 3.00
Bloodphemy "Bloodline"   9.00
Bomb And Scary "Black Wishing Well"   + bonus video 2.00
Bring Your Own Knife "End" 2.00
Bullet-Proof "De-Generation" 2.00
Bullet-Proof "Forsaken One" 7.00
Butterfly Temple "The Times Of Mara" + bonus track + bonus video 2.00
Cadaveria "Far Away From Conformity"   digi remastered re-release 10.00
Cain "Alliance Of Spite" 2.00
Cold Colours "The Great Depression" 3.00
Cold Colours "Cold Colours" 4.00
Crossover "Dogma" 2.00
Dantalion "Where Fear Is Born" 4.00
Dantalion "…And All Will Be Ashes"  digi 9.00
Darkwalker "The Wastelands" + bonus video 6.00
Dedication "The Enemy Within" 2.00
Def Leppard "Viva Hysteria!"    deluxe digi 3-cd (2 cds + DVD) 15.00
Defect Designer "Ageing Accelerator" 2.00
Depression "Legions Of The Sick" 2.00
Deva Noctua Entropia "Be sinKing Of Marshland" 3.00
Deviser "Unspeakable Cults"  anniversary deluxe digipack edition + bonus track 9.00
Diary Of Secrets "Diary Of Secrets" 2.00
Diary Of Secrets "Back To The Start"  mini-cd + bonus track + bonus video 2.00
Diva Noctua Entropia "Transerpentual" 2.00
Divahar "Divarise" + bonus video 6.00
D-Noiz "D-Noiz" 2.00
Double Treat "Wander Thirst" 3.00
Dreamlike Horror "Delightful Suicides" 5.00
Duster 69 "Angel King" 2.00
Duster 69 "Nothing Left" 2.00
Encorion "Facing History And Ourselves" 2.00
Encorion "Our Pagan Hearts Reborn" 2.00
Enemynside "In The Middle…Of Nowhere" 2.00
Energema "The Lion's Forces" 6.00
Energema "World Of Zionix" 9.00
En-Garde "Forgotten Memories" 2.00
Even Vast "Hear Me Out"  re-release + 3 bonus tracks 7.00
Ez Livin' "Firestorm"   licensed for Greece only! 6.00
Fahrenheit "Chain Reaction" 2.00
Foundry "Foundry" + bonus video   5.00
Fragile Vastness "Excerpts…" 2.00
Fragile Vastness "A Tribute To Life"   2-cd digi 5.00
Funeral Revolt "The Perfect Sin" 2.00
Greifenstein "Von Inneren Welten" 2.00
Hand Of God "The Hand Of God" 2.00
Hannibal "This Is U" 2.00
Heart Attack "Heart Revolution" 5.00
Hedon Cries "Hate Into Grief" 2.00
Hellfire B.C. "Birth Of The Nuclear Age" 2.00
Hesperia "Spiritvs Italicvs"  + bonus multimedia stuff + video 3.00
Hesperia "Metallvm Italicvm"  + bonus multimedia stuff   slipcase+poster edition limited to 1000 copies! 5.00
Hesperia "Caesar (Roma Vol. I)"  digi 10.00
Hesperia "Caesar (Roma Vol. I)"  box + boarding game, limited to 100 copies worldwide! 15.00
Holocaust "Predator" 10.00
Hortus Animae "The Blow Of Furious Winds" CD+DVD delux digi+bonus  6.00
In Memory "Intoxicating Mind" 2.00
In Memory "Glyptic" 2.00
In Memory "LaKrima" 5.00
In Utero Cannibalism "Sick" 2.00
In Utero Cannibalism "Playing With Dummy"   6-track EP 2.00
In Utero Cannibalism "Butcher While Others Obey" 3.00
Inedia "Healing" 2.00
Inedia "Human Meridians And Cohabitant Cores" 2.00
Inedia "Aritmia//Wasteland" 2.00
Insidius Infernus "Eyes In Astral Abyss" 2.00
Insidius Infernus "Pale Grieving Moon" 2.00
Jerkstore "The Dream Society" 2.00
Kaisas "Degitalize" 4.00
Kaledon "Carnagus: Emperor Of The Darkness" 9.00
Kaledon "Carnagus: Emperor Of The Darkness"  digi 10.00
Kinetic "The Chains That Bind Us" 2.00
Leathermask "Lithic" 5.00
Lipstixx 'N' Bulletz "Bang Your Head" 6.00
Liquid Graveyard "By Nature So Perverse" 7.00
Lloth "Athanati" 9.00
Lloth "Athanati"  limited deluxe digipack edition 10.00
Lucky Bastardz "Alwayz On The Run" 2.00
Megasonic "Without Warning" 9.00
Michael Angelo Batio "Shred Force 1"  licensed for Greece! + 2 exclusive bonus tracks!! 7.00
Midnight Scream "The Evil Her" 2.00
Mike G. "The Black Gibson Soundtrack" 2.00
Mors In Tabula "Blemish" 2.00
Motorhead "Aftershock"   9.00
Mr. Riot "Same Old Town" 3.00
Myth Of A Life "She Who Invites" 6.00
Myth Of A Life "Chimera"  mini-cd 6.00
Nasty Ratz "First Bite" 5.00
Nasty Whores "Nasty Whores" 3.00
Nathorg "Torch Holder Ov Death" 7.00
Nocta "Wicked Woman" 2.00
Nukem "The Unholy Trinity"  digi 7.00
Obsecration "Sins Of The Flesh" 3.00
Obsecration/Korrodead split-cd 2.00
Odious "Mirror Of Vibrations" 2.00
On Thorns I Lay "Eternal Silence" + bonus video 7.00
Outrider "Foundations"  digi 5.00
Overload "Never Again" 2.00
Overtures "Rebirth"  + bonus track + bonus video 5.00
Overtures "Entering The Maze"  2-cd (cd+DVD) 9.00
Overtures "Artifacts" 5.00
Perpetual Fire "Bleeding Hands" 9.00
Phantom Lord "Imperial Fall" 2.00
Place Vendome "Thunder In The Distance" 6.00
Posithrone "Necropoles" 2.00
Powertrip "Cold Black Lie" 2.00
Prejudice "Megalomanic Infest" 3.00
re-Vision "Chapter IV: ...All For The Sake Of Love" 2.00
Red Fraction "Birth" 3.00
Regardless Of Me "The Covenant" 9.00
Ricky Warwick "Love Many, Trust Few" 7.00
Rotting Christ "A Dead Poem" 9.00
Rotting Christ "Sleep Of The Angels"  9.00
Rotting Christ "Khronos"  digi + 2 bonus tracks 10.00
Rotting Christ "Genesis"  deluxe digi + bonus track 10.00
Roxin' Palace "Freaks Of Society" + bonus track 3.00
Sandness "Like An Addiction" 3.00
Sandness "Higher & Higher" 6.00
Satarial "Tanz Mit…Tod" 2.00
Satarial "Latexxx" + bonus video-clip 2.00
Scarved "Dynamite" 2.00
Scarved "Lodestone" 5.00
Secret Sphere "Portrait Of A Dying Heart"  exlusive licensed for Greece! 7.00
Shatter Messiah "Orphans Of Chaos" 7.00
Showstripsilence "Thirteen Tales Of Love And Death" 2.00
Snowblind "Snowblind" 3.00
Snowblind "Lord Of My Fate"  limited slipcase edition + bonus video 3.00
Snowblind "A World Full Of Lies" 2.00
Snowblind "Prisoners On Planet Earth" 3.00
Snowblind  "One Epic Metal Requiem" 3.00
Sorrowful Angels "Ship In Your Trip" 2.00
Soulskinner "Breeding The Grotesque" 3.00
Soulskinner "Non Stop Killing" 3.00
Sound Of Silence "Spiritual Journey" 2.00
Space Mirrors "Memories Of The Future" 2.00
Space Mirrors "Majestic 12: A Hidden Presence" 2.00
Spider Kickers "VIII Division" 3.00
Spider Kickers "Alcoholic" + bonus video 3.00
Spider Kickers "The Hill Of The Dead" + bonus video 3.00
Spider Kickers "The Kingdom Of Epirus" mini-cd + 2 bonus tracks 3.00
St. James "Resurgence" digi + 5 bonus tracks 9.00
Stryper "No More Hell To Pay" 6.00
Territory "Killer Instinct" 2.00
Territory "The Curse" 3.00
The Lust "My Dear Emptiness" 3.00
The Lust "Tangled"   digi 5.00
The Sacred Truth "Reflections Of Tragedy II: The Final Confession" 2.00
Theodore Ziras "HyperpyrexiA" 2.00
Thokkian Vortex/Aetherius Obscuritas "The Saturnine Alliance"  split-cd 2.00
Through Art "Kamaswami" 2.00
Thurisaz "Live & Acoustic"  2-cd (cd+DVD) in limited slipcase edition 6.00
Thy Symphony "Harmonizing The World" 2.00
Thy Symphony "A New Beginning" 2.00
Tigertailz "Knives" EP   exclusive license for Greece! 5.00
Under Eden "The Science Of Self-Defeat" 2.00
Under Eden "An Aeons-Long Shadow" + bonus track 6.00
Underdark "In The Name Of Chaos" 2.00
Uranus "Doctrine Of Immortality" 2.00
V/A "Don't Tribute Bad- The Songs Of Firehouse" 2.00
V/A "The Ultimate Sleaszy Rider Collection" 2.00
Vinder "Visions Of Time" 2.00
Voltumna "Dodecapoli" 9.00
Voodoo Highway "The Ordeal" 9.00
W.E.B. "Don't Wake Futility" 3.00
Weeping Silence "End Of An Era" 3.00
Whitesnake "The Purple Album" 7.00
Windfall "Infector" 2.00
Windfall "Time Of The Haunted" 2.00
Womb Of Maggots "Life Odium" 2.00
Written In Torment "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum" 9.00
Director's Cat "Bad Luck" 2.00
Thiasos Trellon "Thiasos Trellon" 2.00
…And Oceans "The Symmetry Of I, The Circle Of O" 9.00
(Drama) "Zastor Tisine" 2.00
(Echo) "Devoid Of Illusions" 2.00
16 Volt "Full Black Habit" 5.00
1990s "Kicks" 8.00
2 Ton Predator "Boogie" 7.00
3 Inches Of Blood "Here Waits Thy Doom" 9.00
40 Below Summer "Rain" 2.00
5 Stabbed 4 Corpses "Get Smashed"   + bonus track 2.00
7 Weeks "All Channels Off" 5.00
A Camp "Colonia" 8.00
A Cold Dead Body "Harvest Years"    digisleeve edition 2.00
A Gruesome Find "Ravens Of The Full Moon Eclipse"  demo-cd 2.00
A Monumental Black Statue "Excelsior" 5.00
A Secret Revealed "The Bleakness" 7.00
А.П.  "Тёмный коридор ошибок" 2.00
Aabsynthum "Inanimus"  slipcase edition 7.00
Aathma "Avesta" 9.00
Abate Macabro "Acougueiro Brutal Black Metal" 4.00
Abdication "Broken World" 7.00
Aberratio "Aberratio" 7.00
Abeyance "Experience Is The Words That Are Written" 2.00
Abhoth "Abhoth" 2.00
Abismo "Ventos De Eter" + bonus track 2.00
Abnormal "Shifted The Shape"  + bonus track + video 2.00
Abracadabra "This Is My Swamp" 6.00
AbsentMinded "Alight" 3.00
Absinthium "One For The Road" 4.00
Abstract "Lightheory" 4.00
Abstract Spirit "Tragedy And Weeds" 2.00
Absurd Thule "00 Antimusic" 2.00
Abuser "Threats Of Fate" 6.00
Abysmal Depths "The Pain Shows In Dead Woods" 2.00
Abyssal "Anchored" 6.00
Abyssphere "Тени и Сны" ("Shadows And Dreams") 2.00
Acarus Sarcopt "Tarnation" + 2 bonus tracks 2.00
Access Denied "Touch Of Evil" + bonus video 2.00
Accomplice "Accomplice"   digi 2.00
Accurst "A Phantoms Noctuary"  digi 2.00
Accurst "Fragments Of A Nightmare" 2.00
Acephala "Division By Zero" 5.00
Acephala "Infraction Cerebral Occupation"  5.00
Acherozu "Uncrowned King"  handnumbered limited edition of 333 copies! 8.00
Acid Coma "Prayers To Mirrors" 6.00
Acid FM "Electric No. 3"  digi 4.00
Acid FM "Justified American Music"   digi 4.00
Acod "First Earth Poison"  digi 2.00
Act Noir "Automatische Psychique" 2.00
Act Of God "The Place Of Worship" 4.00
Act Of God "Kaosism" 8.00
Ad Astra "One Single Cause" 5.00
Adam West "Ready Steady Adam West! - A Collection Of Rare Tracks From 1993-1999" 6.00
Adamanter "The Shadow Mirror" 2.00
Adamas "Evil All Its" + 2 bonus videos 2.00
Adamas "Heavy Thoughts" 2.00
Addiction Crew "Lethal" 3.00
Adfail "Unkindness…" 3.00
Adfail "Is It A Game?" 3.00
Adkan "Compendivm XI" 7.00
Adokhsiny/Land Of Hate/Nadimac/Wargoatcult/Wicked "Abominations, Chaos And Bestial Warfare"  split-cd 2.00
Adorned Brood "Noor" 9.00
Adrian English "Innerplanetarium" 2.00
Adrian English "A.D.D."   digipack 3.00
Adumus "To Heed The Call Of War" + 2 bonus tracks 2.00
Adversor "Rise To Survive" 9.00
Aeturnus Dominion "Psychotic" 2.00
After Hours "Against The Grain" 5.00
After Rain "The Funeral Marches"  (2015, Czech funeral/doom metal, Metal Age) 5.00
After Rain "The Sound Of War" 6.00
After Rain "Hammered To The Ice" 6.00
Afterburner "Tomb Of Kings" 6.00
Aftermath "Eyes Of Tomorrow" 7.00
Afterworld "Lamentos" 2.00
Agabus "Last Way Left" 2.00
Agalloch "Pale Folklore" 9.00
Agathodaimon "Phoenix" 9.00
Age Of Agony "Death Metal Artillery" 5.00
Aggravator "Age Of Combat" 4.00
Agiel "Dark Pantheons" 2.00
Aglaomorpha "Perception" 2.00
Aglaomorpha/Opaque Lucidity "Fragments"  split-cd 2.00
Aglarond "Embraced By Darkness" 2.00
Agony Face "CLX Stormy Quibblings" 2.00
Agoraphobia "Sick" + bonus video 6.00
Agoria "Go Fast" 5.00
Agouro "Infernal Pride"  2.00
Aherusia "As I Cross The Seas Of My Soul" 6.00
Aherusia "And The Tides Shall Reveal The Traces"  2-cd (cd+DVD) 9.00
Ahnengrab "Omen" 9.00
Aion "Reconciliation" + bonus track + bonus video 7.00
Akhenaten "Incantations Through The Gates Of Irkalla" 7.00
Akoman "Devouring The Divine Light"  digi 9.00
Akral Necrosis "Underlight" 6.00
Akral Necrosis/Marchosias "(Inter)Seption"  split-cd   2.00
Aksaya "K-141"  (2015 French black/death metal, The Ritual Prod./Metallic Media) 3.00
Aktor "Paranoia" 7.00
Alan Morse "Four O' Clock And Hysteria" 7.00
Alarum "Natural Causes" 2.50
Alas "Absolute Purity" 9.00
Alastor "Demon Attack" 4.00
Alberta Cross "Broken Side Of Time" 6.00
Alex Ehrsam "P.U.L.S.E."   digi 2.00
Alexander Oleynikov "Dreamway" + bonus track 5.00
Alexis "Birds Of Prey"  + 3 bonus tracks   2.00
Alexkid "Caracol" 6.00
Alfar "Twilight Of The Gods" 7.00
Algol "Mindframes" 9.00
Algorithm "Время новой реальности" 6.00
Ali Campbell "Great British Songs" 9.00
Alison Moyet "The Minutes" 8.00
Alkateya "Lycantrophy" 2.00
Alkonost "Tales Of Wanderings" 7.00
Alkonost "Tales Of Wanderings" (russian edition) 5.00
All Else Failed "This Never Happened" + bonus multimedia stuff 2.00
All Ends "A Road To Depression" + bonus track 3.00
All I Could Bleed "Burying The Past" 2.00
All Said "Masculine" 2.00
All Too Human "Entropy" + 2 bonus tracks 4.00
Allhelluja "Pain Is The Game"  digi 3.00
Alltheniko "Millenium Re-Burn"   digi  (2011, Italian power/speed metal, My Graveyard Prod.) 5.00
Alltheniko "We Will Fight!" + bonus track + bonus video 5.00
Alltheniko "Devasterpiece" + bonus video 6.00
Almah "Motion" 5.00
Alpha Hydrae "Venomous Devotion-The Hematic Lust" 2.00
Altars Of Destruction "Gallery Of Pain" 9.00
Altera "Ahaxata" 7.00
Alternative 4 "The Brink"   digi 3.00
Altvater "Chroniken" 2.00
Amalteya "Book Of The Dead Names" 7.00
Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra "Theatre Is Evil" 6.00
Amarula "Выходной день" 4.00
Ambehr "Бездна" ("The Abyss") 6.00
Ambehr "Чёрная дорога" ("The Black Way") 6.00
Ambehr "Amber Dreamland" 6.00
Amber And Ashes "When A Drop Becomes The Ocean" 9.00
Amber Solstice "Elixir Of Passion" + 2 bonus tracks + bonus video 2.00
Ambush "Run Like Hell" 9.00
Amenize "Black Sky" 7.00
Amentia "Incurable Disease" 5.00
Amentia "Burn To Hate"  + bonus video 5.00
America "Back Pages" 3.00
Amezarak "Ritual" 6.00
Amnis Nihili "Christological Escalation"  digi 3.00
Amocualli "Nu Kontavi Na Tzi" 2.00
Among Gods "Among Gods" 2.00
Among Gods "Monument" 2.00
Among Rats "Intact World" 3.00
Amort "Blasphemy Souls"/"The Black Empire Of Satan" 2.00
Amsterdam "B.U.R.S.T." 9.00
Anabioz "…To Light" 2.00
Anabioz "There The Sun Falls" 6.00
Anachronaeon "The Oracle And The Keyholder" 5.00
Anaemia "Stupidity Of The Lambs" 2.00
Anagram To Anna  "God, Me & Monsters" 2.00
Anal Nosorog "Condom Of Hate" 2.00
Anal Nosorog/Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium/Saponification/Claudio 4-way split-cd 3.00
Anarchus "Still Alive (…And Still Too Drunk)" 2.00
Anarcotici "Iride" 5.00
Anarkhon "Welcome To The Gore Show" + 2 bonus tracks 7.00
Anatomy "Outsight" 2.00
Anatomy "Overtreatment" 2.00
Anatomy Of I "Substratum" + 3 bonus tracks 5.00
Ancestral Volkhves "Perun Do Vas!!!" 4.00
Ancient Dome "Perception Of This World"  5.00
Ancient Dome "Cosmic Gateway To Infinity" 6.00
And Harmony Dies "Flames Everywhere" 2.00
Andem (Андем) "Зимние слёзы" ("Winter Tears") 6.00
Andem (Андем) "Eternity"/"Graal"  7.00
Andre Matos "The Turn Of The Lights" 9.00
Andro Coulton "Dragonhead"  limited edition to 1000 copies 6.00
Aneurysm "Shades" 2.00
Anewrage "Anewrage" 5.00
Angakok "Angakok"   (2015, Belgian drone/doom/sludge metal, The Smoking Goat/Satanath/Metallic Media) 3.00
Angel "A Woman's Diary-Chapter I"  digi 3.00
Angel "A Woman's Diary-Chapter I"  jewelcase 2.00
Angels And Demons "Power Fusion" 2.00
Anger Tears "Censored" + 2 bonus tracks 6.00
Angkor "Infectus I.N.R.I."  digi 3.00
Anguish Force "Cry, Gaia Cry"  + 3 bonus videos 6.00
Anguish Force "Invincibile Imperivm Italicvm" 5.00
Anguish Force "Created 4 Self-Destruction" 5.00
Anguish Force "2: City Of Ice"  digi 7.00
Animal Collective "Feels" 7.00
Animus "Hallucinations: Ideals Surrounding Water, Sand And Clouds Of Dust" 2.00
Ankhagram "Neverending Sorrow" 7.00
Ankrismah "Dive In The Abyss" 2.00
Anksunamoon / Esphares / Dor Feafaroth "The Mist"  3-way split-cd 2.00
Annulation "Human Creatures" 2.00
Annulond "The Spellbound Giant" 7.00
Anonima Sequestri "Unsafe, Insane & Forced"  2.00
Anorgasm "Mass Murder For Intercourse" 6.00
Another Day "Pauken & Trompeten" 5.00
Antagonism "Digging Past Sounds" 2.00
Antagonism/Sepolcral "Dishonor-Able"/"Reborn VI"  split-cd 2.00
Antagony "Days Of Night" 2.00
Anthenora "The Ghosts Of Iwo Jima" 5.00
Anthenora "Soulgrinder" 5.00
Anti-Flag "The People Or The Gun" 9.00
Anti-Mortem "New Southern" 9.00
Anticipate "Killing For A Living" 5.00
Antigama "Warning" 6.00
Antigod "The Masquerade" 3.00
Antiquus Scriptum "Recovering The Throne (Tribute Album)" 3.00
Antiquus Scriptum "Immortalis Factus" 3.00
Antiquus Scriptum "Ars Longa, Vita Brevis…" 3.00
Antropomorfia "Engendro" 2.00
Anus Tumor/Vaginal Incest/Teen Pussy Fucker/Scumfuck "Genital Cannibals" 4-way split 2.00
Anyface "Craving Out For Light" 2.00
Apocalipsis "Dimension Maldita" 5.00
Apocryphal/Dialectic Soul "In Labyrinth Of Time"/"Dialectic Soul" split-cd 2.00
Apokefale "Apokefale" 2.00
Apokefale "Revelation: Procreating Abhorrent Depths"  digi  2.00
Apokefale "Tempus Est Nihil"   3-cd in deluxe digibook edition + bonus tracks 15.00
Apokrypha "To The Seven" 2.00
Apolion "Death Grows Into Sperm" 2.00
Apolokia "Kathaarian Vortex" 2.00
Apostate "Trapped In A Sleep" 2.00
Apostolum "Anedonia" 2.00
Apostolum "Winds Of Disillusion" 9.00
Apoteom "Alienation" 5.00
Apparition "Nemesis Divina" 2.00
Aq Bure "Sacred Chants" 6.00
Aqueronte "Aquerontiis Pabulum" 6.00
Aquilon "Immobile" 2.00
Arachnes "In Praise Of Science" 4.00
Arafel "The Second Strike: Through The Flame Of The Ages" 5.00
Arallu "The Demon From The Ancient World" 2.00
Arallu "Geniewar" 5.00
Arallu "Satanic War In Jerusalem" 5.00
Arbach "Left Hand Path" 7.00
Arcana Imperia "New Worlds" + bonus track 6.00
Arcane Grail "Ninefold Path To The Innocence" 6.00
Arcanegoat "De Profundis" + bonus track     limited to 500 copies! 2.00
Arcano "When The Full Moon Rises" + bonus 8-tracks demo + 2 extra tracks! 7.00
Arcanum Inferi "Ars Hermetica" 2.00
Archaic Winter "The Psychology Of Death" 2.00
Architect Of Disease "Open The Hearts" 5.00
Architype "Trinity" + 2 bonus tracks 5.00
Ares "Ares" 2.00
Argento "Involucion" + bonus 2.00
Argus Megere "Veii" 8.00
Arida Vortex "Evil Sorcery" 6.00
Arida Vortex "Flames Of Sunset" + bonus track 6.00
Arida Vortex "Hail To Rock" 6.00
Arida Vortex "Hail To Rock"  russian edition + bonus track 5.00
Arida Vortex "Invisible Tension"  + bonus tracks 6.00
Arkayic Revolt "Death's River" 2.00
Arkenstone "Hymns To Our Fatherland" 2.00
Arkentype "Disorientated" 5.00
Arktotus "Мир на грани" ("World On The Edge") 5.00
Armageddon "Necromantic Celebration" 9.00
Armageddon Rev 16:16 "Sundown On Humanity" 2.00
Armand Van Helden "Nympho" 9.00
Armand Van Helden "Ghettoblaster" 9.00
Armentar "Baptism Of Hate" 2.00
Armored Saint "Saints Will Conquer" 9.00
Armored Saint "Win Hands Down" 9.00
Army Of Dagon "Army Of Dagon"   handnumbered limited edition of 500 copies 9.00
Arnion "Fall Like Rain"  + 7 bonus tracks 2.00
Ars Macabra "Daemonolatria Hypnotica" 2.00
Arsis "Starve For The Devil" + bonus track 5.00
Art 238 "Empire Of The Atom" 2.00
Art Brut "Art Brut Vs. Satan" 9.00
Art-Got "Universal Minds" 2.00
Artania "Noch Odenet Na Tebya Svoi Venec" 6.00
Artical "Illusion" 2.00
Artificum Nex "Epitaph For Life" 6.00
Artrosis "Hidden Dimension" 3.00
Arvest "Tears Of Flaming Autumn" 5.00
As Eden Burns "The Great Celestial Delusion" 3.00
As It Burns "Mortal Dusk" 2.00
As Light Dies "Tla Vol. 1" 7.00
As We Die "The Right Choices" 2.00
Ases "Of Moonlords And Sunwheelwarriors" 2.00
Ases "The Dark Anthems" 2.00
Asgard "Eleonora: Odhaleni Jinotaje" 5.00
Asgeirr "Diktat Allianz" 5.00
Asgrauw "Krater" 7.00
Ashaena "Calea" 5.00
Ashen Light "Песнь Велеса" ("Veles' Song") + 4 bonus tracks 3.00
Ashen Light "Бог мёртв: Смерть - Бог!" ("God Is Dead: Death Is God") 3.00
Ashen Light "Реальная жизнь - жизнь здесь и сейчас!" ("Real Life - Life Here And Now") 3.00
Ashen Light "Причащение огнём" ("Communion By Fire") 3.00
Ashen Light "Песни мёртвых / Зов тьмы" ("Songs Of The Dead - Call Of Darkness") 3.00
Ashen Light "Стары былины / Славенские вечера" ("Stary Byliny / Slavenskie Vecera") 3.00
Ashen Light "В сострадании к отверженным: Осуждённым - Ад" ("Compassion to the Outcast: Hell to the Convicted") 3.00
Asian Dub Foundation "A History Of Now" 9.00
Askeregn "Ascheregen" 6.00
Ashes Of Ares "Ashes Of Ares" 9.00
Asmodey "Dark Spiritual Liberation" 2.00
Asperity "The Final Demand" 9.00
Assailant "First Offense" 5.00
Assassinate The Following "Massacre Of The North" 2.00
Assedium "Fighting For The Flame" 5.00
Assemblent "Equilibrium"  slipcase 2.00
Assessor "Stvanice" 3.00
Astarium "Wyrm Of Melancholy"  + bonus track 2.50
Astarium "Atenvx" 2.50
Astarium "Nekrocosmo: Demiurge" + bonus track 3.00
Astarot "Gateway Microcosm"  (2015, atmospheric black metal, Ritual Prod./Metallic Media) 3.00
Astarot  "Raw Sensation Of Nostalgia And Nihilistic" 3.00
Astarot  "Life of Despair"/ "Silhouettes Reflecting in the Nightsky" + bonus track   handnumbered ltd of 666 copies 3.00
Astarot/Lux Funestus/Du Temps Perdu/Neftaraka "Humo, Cenizas Y Muerte…"  4-way split 2.00
Astel Oscora "Eridan" 3.00
Astorvoltaires "Katan Nagantu" 2.00
Astral Groove "Astral Groove"  + Russian exclusive bonus track 7.00
Astrarot  "Of Fire And Soul" 2.00
Atacke Nuclear "Exterminio" 5.00
Atakama "Звезды" 7.00
Atanab "Black Magic"  + 3 bonus videos 2.00
Ataraxia "Oil On Canvas Vol. 2"  digi 10.00
Ataraxia "Spasms" 10.00
Ataraxia "Suenos" 10.00
Ataraxia "The Moon Sang On The April Chair"  digi + bonus 10.00
Ataraxia "Llyr"  digi 10.00
Atargatis "Wasteland" 6.00
Atargatis "Nova" 9.00
Ataxia "Face The Truth" 2.00
Atheist "Piece Of Time" re-release digi 2-cd (cd+DVD) + bonus 12.00
Atheria "Echo From Another Kingdom & Spectral Regression" 7.00
Athlantis "M.W.N.D." 7.00
Athlos "In the Shroud of Legendry - Hellenic Myths of Gods and Heroes "  2.00
Atlantis 1001 "The Memory Mirror" 4.00
Atlases "Penumbra" 8.00
Atman "Psy Atman" 2.00
Atmosphera Post Mortem "The Angels Rebellion" 2.00
Atoll Nerat "Journey To Separate Realities" + bonus track 5.00
Atomck "Never Work" + 19 bonus tracks 2.00
Atra Hora "Via Combusta" 2.00
Atra Hora "Metahom"  digi 2.50
Atra Mustum "Chaos" 6.00
Atrocity "Willenskraft" + 3 bonus tracks 9.00
Atrocity "Atlantis" + bonus video 9.00
Atropina "Malleus Maleficarum" + bonus 6.00
Atroz "Diabolus In Lula" 2.00
Atrum Extemplo "Lira Dell' Arcano Manto" 7.00
Attack "The Secret Place"  remastered limited edition to 1000 copies! 7.00
Auberon "Crossworld" 7.00
Audio Bullys "Higher Than The Eiffel" 4.00
Audrey Horne "Le Fol" 9.00
Augury "Fragmentary Evidence" 2.00
Aura "Shattered Dawnbreak" 5.00
Aura "A Different View From The Same Side" 2.00
Aura "Vdohnovenie" 6.00
Aura Hiemis/Ego Depths/Sculptor "Synthese Collectif-The Dark Wormholes"  3-way split-cd   digi 2.00
Aura Negativ "Untitle" 2.00
Auriga "Chains Of Despair" m-cd  2.00
Auringon Hauta "Ukon Juhla"/"Feast For Ukko" 6.00
Aut Mori "Pervaja Sleza Oseni" 2.00
Autism "Vechnost I Dolshe" 2.00
Autopsy Night "Desecration Of The Dead" 7.00
Autumn "And We Are Falling Leaves…" + 2 bonus tracks 6.00
Autumn Tears "Absolution" 9.00
Auxitt "Your Sakura" 2.00
Avenger "MCMXCII-MMXII" 7.00
Aversion To Mankind "Suicidology" + 4 bonus tracks 7.00
Aversion To Mankind "Between Scylla And Charybdis" 7.00
Avulsed "Yearning For The Grotesque" + 3 bonus tracks 9.00
Avulsion "Indoctrination Into The Cult Of Death"  digi + bonus track 10.00
Awake "Illumination" 6.00
Awaken Demons "Awaken Demons" 6.00
Awkward Thought "Ruin A Good Time" 3.00
Awkward Thought "Mayday" 3.00
Awrizis "Final Hybridation" 6.00
Axamenta "Codex Barathri" 2.00
Axecuter "Metal Is Invincible" 3.50
Axevyper "Angeli D'Acciaio" 5.00
Axevyper "Metal Crossfire"   slipcase edition 7.00
Ayin "Fear Of Tigers" 2.50
Ayoe Angelica "Dandelion" 7.00
Aypheros "Ascendet Novissi Tua" 2.50
Azooma "A Hymn Of The Vicious Monster" 7.00
Azrath-11 "Ov Tentacles And Spirals" 5.00
Aztec Jade "Paradise Lost"   digi 2.00
Azure "King Of Stars - Bearer Of Dark" 2.00
Azure Agony "India" 2.00
Azure Emote "Chronicles Of An Aging Mammal" 2.00
Амезарак "Daemonolatreia" 2.00
Анклав Снов "Дорога в неизбежность" 2.00
Baal Zebuth "Unholy Baal Zebuth" 2.00
Backwash "Kick Ass!" 2.00
Badass Commander "Bad Intentions" 9.00
Badly Drawn Boy "It's What I'm Thinking (Part One - Photographing Snowflakes)" 6.00
Balam Akab "Xibalba" 2.00
Balrog "Miserable Frame" 4.00
Balrog "A Dark Passage" 4.00
Balthazar "Rats" 7.00
Bangkok Babes "Locket N' Chain" 5.00
Banned From Hell "Fall Of Humanity" 9.00
Barbarity "Hell Is Here" 5.00
Barbarity "The Wish To Bleed" + 4 bonus track + bonus video + bonus multimedia 6.00
Barbatos "Straight Metal War" 8.00
Baring Teeth "Atrophy"  digi 2.50
Barrow Wight "Kings In Saurons Service" 9.00
Bastard Chain "Church Of The Damned" 3.00
Bastarth "Смрад сплетения кровей" 2.00
Bastarth "Глас сумеречных озёр" ("The Voice Of The Twilight Of Lakes") 2.00
Bastion Of Life "Life" 2.00
Bathtube Shitter "Dance Hall Grind"   cd in 7" cover, handnumbered limited to 1000 copies 2.00
Bathtube Shitter "Angels Save Us"/"Mark A Muck"  2 albums in 1cd, in 7" packaging, handnrd ltd to 1000 copies 2.00
Battery "Armed With Rage" 6.00
Battery "Martial Law" 9.00
Bealiah "Anthology Of The Undead" 2.00
Beans "So It Goes" 2.00
Beast "Infernal Hangover…Wrecked In Space" 6.00
Beat Cairo "Spectrum" 2.00
Bedlight For Blue Eyes "Life On Life's Terms" 8.00
Beelzebul/Thy Endless Wrath/Esbbat/Derelenismo Occulere/Noche Eterna "Compendivm Daemonicvm I"  deluxe digi 5-way split, limited to 666 copies! 10.00
Beer Bear "Beyond The Invisible Line" + bonus tracks 6.00
Before Eden "The Legacy Of Gaia" + 4 bonus tracks 2.00
Begrabnis/Estrangement split-cd  digifile edition  7.00
Beheaded Zombie "Life Line" 5.00
Beheading Machine "Stillbirth Civilisation" 4.00
Belchior "Belchior" + 2 bonus tracks 6.00
Beleth "Total Satanic Onslaught" 5.00
Beliar "Arcana Imperii" 2.00
Bereft Of Light "Hoinar" 8.00
Berserk "Live From The Woods"  handnumbered limited edition of 1000 copies 2.00
Berserker "Blood Of The Warriors" 5.00
Bestia "Et Fin De Toda Humanidad" 5.00
Bestial Deform "Severed To Pieces" 2.00
Bestiality Business "Rise Of The Beast" 7.00
Bestialized "Termestella Cultus" 6.00
Beto Vazquez Infinity "Existence"  6.00
Betoken "Dead Soul Insomnia"  + bonus 4.00
Betoken "Venom Empire" 6.00
Betula "To The Fearless, Merciless, Immortal Ones" 8.00
Betzefer "The Devil Went Down To Holy Land" 7.00
Beyond Description "An Elegy For Depletion" 4.00
Beyond Description "A Road To A Brilliant Future" + 3 bonus tracks 2.00
Beyond Light "Paintings In The Hall" 7.00
Beyond Surface "Destination's End" 2.00
Beyond Terror Beyond Grace "Nadir" 7.00
Beyond The Grave "Devil's Venom" 7.00
Beyond Ye Grave "Ester Panim" 7.00
Beyond Ye Grave "Total Fucking Decadence" 7.00
Bezumnie Usilia "Stiraya Grani" 2.00
Bezumnie Usilia "Spiral Molchaniya" 2.00
Biderben "Out Of The Lies"   digi 2.00
Biohazard "Reborn In Defiance" 9.00
Bionic Angel "Digital Violence" 2.00
Birds Of Prey "The Hellpreacher" 10.00
Birth A.D. "I Blame You"  2.50
Birth Asphyxia "Human Obelisk" 7.00
Bitch Infection / Anus Tumor "Porn Delusions"/"Der Zellwuchs Stoppt"   split-cd 2.00
Bitter Peace "Opus II" 9.00
Black Achemoth "Under The Veil Of Darkness" 2.00
Black Angel/Beelzebul "Satanist Rites" 2.00
Black Art "The Way" 2.00
Black Cilice "Summoning The Night" 7.00
Black Depths Grey Waves "Nightmare Of The Blackened Heart"  digi 3.00
Black Diamond "Last Man Standing" 5.00
Black Francis "Nonstoperotik" 7.00
Black Heaven "Obscurity"   digi 2.00
Black Horizon "Infinity Of Chaos" 2.00
Black Invocation "Profane Rites In Worship To Satan (16 Years Of Blasphemy" 6.00
Black Jade "Helvetica Diabolica"   handnumbered limited to 666 copies 2.50
Black October "The Symphony Of The Ultimate Collapse" 6.00
Black Omen "Sinphony" 2.00
Black Propaganda "Black Propaganda" 6.00
Black September/Ravenlod Darkstorm split-cd 2.00
Black Shadow "Call Of The Death"  2.00
Black Shadow "Awakening of the Black Dragon"  (Пробуждение чёрного дракона) (2011, Russian black metal, More Hate) 2.50
Black Shadow "War - Undying Flame of Abyss!" (Война - негасимое бездны пламя!) (2010, Russian black metal, More Hate) 2.50
Black Shadow "...Through the Dark Flame of Moloch..." ("...сквозь чёрное пламя Молоха...") (2012, Russian black, More Hate) 2.50
Black Sleep "The Whales Of The Grey Sea"  digi 8.00
Black Souls Death "Reino Subterraneo" 5.00
Black The Sky "Simplistic Mechanics Of Deformable Bodies" 2.00
Black Trial "Big Break"  2.00
Black Witchery "Inferno Of Sacred Destruction"  limited digibook edition 14.00
Blackguard "Profugus Mortis" 2.00
Blackhorned Saga "Setan" 6.00
Blackness "Vzglyad Za Gran' " 5.00
Blackshine "Soulless & Proud" 6.00
Blackthorn "Araneum" 7.00
Blake "Starbringer" 6.00
Blakulla "The Immortal Cult" 7.00
Blasphemiam "Ocularis Infernum" + 3 bonus tracks 9.00
Blasphemy Rites "Hideous Lord" 2.00
Bleached Academy "Set This City Alight" 2.00
Bleak "Burns Inside" 7.00
Bleed The Sky "Murder The Dance" 2.00
Bleeding Gods "Shepherd Of Souls" 4.00
Blessmon "Under The Storm Of Hate" 2.00
Blestema "Los Elogios Noctambulares" 8.00
Blindeath "Headshot!" 5.00
Blinded Colony "Bedtime Prayers" 4.00
Bliss Infection "Memory" 5.00
Blodwen "Black Symphony" 2.00
Blonde Redhead "Penny Sparkle" 6.00
Blood "Chain"  cd-single 2.00
Blood Bride Star/Among The Bones split-cd in special edition  2.00
Blood Covenant "Sign Of Time" + bonus track 2.00
Blood Of Kings "Starvation" 5.00
Blood Red Shoes "Blood Red Shoes" 6.00
Blood Thirsty Demons "Misanthropy"  + 2 bonus tracks   (2010, Italian horror/black metal, My Kingdom Music) 3.00
Blood Thirsty Demons "Let The War Begin"   + 2 bonus tracks  (2010, Italian horror/black metal, My Kingdom Music) 3.00
Blood Thirsty Demons "Mortal Remains"   (2007, Italian horror/black metal, My Graveyard Prod.) 3.00
Blood Thirsty Demons "Occultum Lapidem" 7.00
Blood Thirsty Demons "In The Grave" 7.00
Blood Vs. Brand split cd-single 2.00
Bloodattack "Alphakiller" 7.00
Bloodattack "Rotten Leaders" 7.00
Bloodfreak "Mindscraper" 8.00
Bloodgrimm "Grimmiges Rotfrass" 2.00
Bloodlust "Cultus Diaboli" 7.00
Bloodparade "Pain Exposed" 6.00
Bloodrain "Bloodrain II: Ultimatum" / "Bloodrain III: Nomen Nostrum Legio"   2 albums in 1 cd! 2.00
Bloodrocuted "Doomed To Annihilation" 7.00
Bloodshed "Inhabitants Of Dis" 6.00
Bloodshot "Ultimate Hatred" 2.00
Bloodstain "The Fall And Rise Of Certainties" 2.00
Bloodstained "Greetings From Hell" digi + bonus video 2.00
Bloodsworn "All Hyllest Til Satan" 9.00
Bloodthrone "Shield Of Hate" 2.00
Bloodwritten "Thrashin' Fury"  digi 8.00
Bloody Gore "Stench Of Your Perversions/Blood Driven Vehemence" 8.00
Bloody Hammers "Under Satan's Sun" 9.00
Bloody Herald "Like A Bloody Herald Remains" 4.00
Blowback "All And Even More" 7.00
Bludgeon "Crucify The Priest" 6.00
Blue Roses "Blue Roses" 7.00
Bluteszorn "Victory Of The Dead"  2.00
Blutrina "Looney Fuckin' Grind" 6.00
Blynd "Punishment Unfolds" + bonus video 2.00
Bodies! "Hurricane Bodies EP" 2.00
Bodies In The Gear Of Apparatus "Simian Hybrid Prototype" 3.00
Bog-Morok "Stadiae II" 2.00
Bog-Morok "Syn.Thesis"  + bonus 2.00
Bog Morok "Industrialypse" 2.00
Bog Of The Infidel "To Corrupt Your Sons And Lust After YourDaughters" 2.00
Bokrag "Mental Sickness" 2.00
Bokrug "El Matamuertos" + bonus 8-track demo 2.00
Bomberos/Inbreeding Sick "Fire Station By The Cemetery"/"The Impaler"  split-cd 2.00
Bonecracker "Пороки"  5.00
Bonestorm "Hidden Horizon" + 3 bonus tracks 7.00
Booby Trap "Overloaded" 9.00
Booze Control "The Lizard Rider" 7.00
Borknagar "Winter Thrice" 9.00
Borow "The Pnakotic Manuscript" 3.00
Borrowed Time "Borrowed Time" 9.00
Bound In Human Flesh "Sick Lust For Revenge"  (2005, Canadian black/death, Red Stream)  3.00
Boy George "Ordinary Alien (The Kinky Roland Files)" 8.00
Boy George "This Is What I Do" 8.00
Boycott The Baptist "Bash The Bishop"  digi  limited to 1000 copies 8.00
Boys Night Out "Broken Bones And Bloody Kisses" 5.00
Boys Night Out "Make Yourself Sick" 5.00
Brain Dead "Menace From The Sickness" 3.50
Brain Police "Beyond The Wasteland" 7.00
Brainchoke "Introspective" 2.00
Braindamage "The Downfall" 6.00
Brainteasers "15.01.1773" 2.00
Braquemaard "Pendu, Traîné Par Une Claie Jusqu’ŕ Ala Potence, Et Mis En Quart" + bonus demo (2015, French death, Antiq Rec.) 3.00
Bredford "Fall For Everything" 5.00
Breed 77 "Insects" + 2 bonus tracks 9.00
Breed Of Scorn "Zero Point Mantra" 2.50
Breizh Occult "Anaon" 2.00
Brett Anderson "Slow Attack" 8.00
Briargh "Eboros" 5.00
Brick Bath "Rebuilt" 2.50
Brightboy "Love For The Streets" 5.00
British Sea Power "Man Of Aran" 7.00
Brokel "Rebirth Of The Unholy"  slipcase edition 2.00
Broken Down "First Spit"  slim digi 2.00
Broken Edge "Kaos/Fear"  digi 2.00
Broken Glazz "Divine" + 6 bonus tracks 5.00
Broken Glazz "Withdraw From Reality" + 5 bonus tracks 6.00
Broken Oath "A Different Way" 6.00
Broken Records "Until The Earth Begins To Part" 7.00
Brutal Morticinio "Obsessores Espíritos das Florestas Austrais" + 2 bonus tracks 5.00
Brutart "Mimic"    custom-made  A-5 digibook  2.00
Buckshot O.D. "Outta Coarse…" 7.00
Bulletsize "Pansar" 6.00
Bullhead/Outside split-cd 2.00
Bunker 66 "Screaming Rock Believers" 6.00
Burden A.D. "Anno Dominator" 2.00
Burden Rage "The Spiral Black Hole" 2.00
Burial Year "Pestilence" 2.00
Burial Mist "Mortificated Symbols Of Faith" 7.00
Burialmound "Devil's Work" 2.00
Buried Dreams "Necrosphere"   digi + bonus tracks 2.00
Buried God "Dark Revelation" 2.00
Buried Inside "Chronoclast" 3.00
Buried Inside "Spoils Of Failure" 3.00
Burning Butthairs "Dirty Sanchez" 2.00
Bush "The Sea Of Memories" 7.00
Butcher "Welcome To The Night" + 2 bonus tracks  (2010, US hardrocking heavy metal, Inferno) 6.00
Butterfly Temple "Wheel Of Chernobog" 5.00
By Night "Burn The Flags" 2.00
C.O.B.R.A. "Conspiracy Of Blackness And Relative Aftermath" 6.00
Cabeza De Caballo "Iron And Wood" 9.00
Cabeza De Caballo "Dolmenn" 9.00
Cable "The Failed Convict" 3.00
Cadaveric Crematorium "Grindpeace" 2.00
Cadaveric Crematorium "One Of Them" 2.00
Cadela Maldita "First Lesson: Hate" 5.00
Cain (IT) "Trivmvira" 5.00
Call Of The Void "Dragged Down A Dead End Path"   digi 9.00
Call Ov Unearthly "Blast Them All Away" 2.00
Camera Obscura "My Maudlin Career" 6.00
Cancrena "Hidden Depravity" 2.00
Cancrena "In The Flesh" 5.00
Carbona "Cosmicomica" 2.00
Carcass "Choice Cuts" + 8 bonus tracks 10.00
Carcharodon "Roachstomper" 2.00
Carignan "Masturbatorium" 2.00
Carla Torgerson "Saint Stranger" 6.00
Carnal Dread "Maleficium" 6.00
Carnified "Where The Gods Bleed" 2.00
Carnival Of Carnage "Where Is The Beef?"  m-cd 2.00
Carnyx "Leaving Reason" 2.00
Carrier Flux "In Waste" 2.00
Casa Blanca Detonation/Gatling/Fehlgeburt/Diarrhea/Krumperpfropf "Ein Viertel Pfund Gehacktes"  5-way split 2.00
Casket "Faithless" 2.00
Casketgarden "Incompieteness In Absence" 2.00
Cast In Silence "First" 2.00
Catacumba "Kratos" 2.00
Catalepsy "Bleed" 6.00
Catalyst/Calm Murder "Two Sides Of The Suicide King"  split-cd 2.00
Catamenia "Halls Of Frozen North" 9.00
Catamenia "Winternight Tragedies" 9.00
Catamenia "Chaosborn" 9.00
Cataplexy "Devangelight" 7.00
Catastrophic "The Cleansing" 8.00
Caverna "Abismo"  digi 8.00
Celebration "The Modern Tribe" 7.00
Celebratum "Instinct" 2.00
Celestial Season "Solar Lovers" 9.00
Celesty "Vendetta"  super-jewelcase edition 9.00
Cemeterial "Gardens Of Gloomy Darkness" 7.00
Cemetery Rapist "The Smut Circus" 2.00
Centaur "…Perception…" 5.00
Centaurus-A "Side Effects Expected" 9.00
Centurion "V" + bonus track 7.00
Century Sleeper "Awaken" 2.00
Cerber "Hatred, Death, In Tolerance…"  2.00
Cerebral Contortion "Brain Damage" 2.00
Cerebral Incubation "Aspyxiating On Excrement" 3.00
Ceremony "Ceremony" 6.00
Certified Insane "Raw, Crude 'N' Relentless" 2.00
Chained And Desperate "Divine Authority Abolishment"   digi handnumbered limited edition of 333 copies! 5.00
Champion "Promises Kept" 5.00
Chaos Research "Revelations" 2.00
Chaos Synopsis "Art Of Killing"   slipcase edition 2.00
Chasma "Codex Constellatia" 9.00
Chasma "Declarations Of The Grand Artificer" 9.00
Chernava Yara (Чернава Яра) "Княгиня" 6.00
Chernig "Chernig" 2.00
Chernobog "Vlidoxfato" 4.00
Chestburster "The Ultimate Experience In Grueling Terror"   digi 2.50
Chevauchee "Phrenolepsia" 8.00
Child Of Caesar "Love In Black"   digi 9.00
Chiodos "All's Well That Ends Well" 5.00
Chris Caffery "Pins And Needles" + bonus track 6.00
Chris Caffery "Music Man"  digi 2.00
Chris De Burgh "Moonfleet & Other Stories" 9.00
Chrome Division "Infernal Rock Eternal" 8.00
Chrome Molly "Gunpowder Diplomacy" 9.00
Chronosphere "Embracing Oblivion" 7.00
Cigue  "Swallow The Pain" super-jewelcase edition 3.00
Cinis "Subterranean Antiquity" 2.00
Cipher "Chaos Sign"  digi 3.00
Cipher System "Central Tunnel 8"   5.00
Circle II Circle "Delusions Of Grandeur"  + 2 bonus tracks + 2 bonus videos 7.00
Circle II Circle "Consequence Of Power" 9.00
City Blossom "Clown Of Emotion" 2.00
Claimed For Damage "Black Ghost" 6.00
Clamus "Influences" 5.00
Claymore "Vengeance Is Near" 3.00
Claymore "Lament Of Victory" + bonus track 6.00
Clearwater Deathblow "Parasite Cleansing" 2.00
Cleaver "When There's No More Room In Hell" 4.00
Clenched Fist "The Gift Of Death" 4.00
Clitorture/Goreality "Disassembling The Human Form"  split-cd 5.00
Closer Than Kin "The Machineries Of Breath" + bonus video 2.00
Cohesion "Lovely Hate" 2.00
Cold Colours "The Burden Of Hope" 2.00
Cold Colours "Somnium XIII" 2.00
Cold Colours "Anno MMIX" 2.00
Cold Grave "Infernal" 2.00
Cold Sight "A/hini" 6.00
Coldblood "Chronology Of Satanic Events" 4.00
Coldcut "Sound Mirrors" 5.00
Coldseed "Completion Makes The Tragedy"    digi + bonus 2.00
Coldseed "Completion Makes The Tragedy"    limited slipcase + bonus 2.00
Colloquio "Io E L'Altro"  + bonus 2.00
Colour Trip "Full-Time Function" 8.00
Columns "Please Explode" 8.00
Coma "Mindless" 3.00
Coma "Excess" + 2 bonus tracks 7.00
Coma Void "StormKing Twilight"  2.00
Comatose "The Ultimate Revenge" 6.00
Comity "You Left Us Here…"   digi 2.50
Common Yet Forbidden "The Struggle" 2.00
Communic "Payment Of Existence" 2.00
Complete Failure "Perversions Of Guilt"   digi 2.50
Concept Project "Concept Project" 2.00
Consortium Project II "Continuum In Extremis"  slipcase edition 8.00
Conspirator "Exorcism" 6.00
Construcdead "Violadead" 5.00
Construcdead "Violadead"   digi  + 2 bonus tracks + bonus video 6.00
Construcdead "The Grand Machinery" 5.00
Contempt "Stormforce" 2.00
Controlstate "The Powerhouse" 2.00
Convent "Abandon Your Lord"  digi handnumbered limited edition 3.00
Coram Lethe "…A Splendid Chaos" 4.00
Corey Tourigny "This Guitar Possessed" 2.00
Corman "The Corman Film School"  (2015, Portuguese doom metal, Sinais Prod.) 3.00
Cornered "This Time" 2.00
Coronation "Ready To Feast" 7.00
Corporate Death "Angels & Worms" 3.00
Corpse Molester Cult "Corpse Molester Cult"   digi mini-cd 2.00
Corpus Mortale "A New Species Of Deviant"  slipcase 7.00
Cortege "Anachoreo" 2.00
Cortisol "Miss Trauen" digi 3.00
Corvuz "Invisible Landscapes"  digi 3.00
Cosmic Despair "Celebration Of The Wake"  slipcase edition 7.00
Costume "Costume" 2.00
Crack The Sky "Raw" 2.00
Crehated "Anthems Of Hate" 2.00
Cremaster "Slynna Praczka I Chor Wujow" + bonus 2.00
Crest Of Darkness "Evil Messiah"   digi mini-cd (2015, Norwegian black metal, My Kingdom Music) 5.00
Crest Of Darkness "Welcome The Dead" 7.00
Cries Hannah "Beloved…I Caught You When You Fell"  2.00
Crimfall "As The Path Unfolds…" 2.00
Criminal Element "Criminal Crime Time"  (2015, US-death/grind, Metal Age) 5.00
Crimson Dawn "In Strange Aeons" + bonus track 6.00
Crimson Falls "The True Face Of Human Nature" 2.00
Crimson Garden "The Dark Mother" 2.00
Critical Solution "Sleepwalker" 7.00
Cro-Mags "Near Death Experience" 7.00
Cromlech "Ave Mortis" 8.00
Crossover "Pythagorized" 2.00
Crowbar "Live+1" 5.00
Crown Of Autumn "Splendours From The Dark" 2.50
Crown Of Autumn "The Treasures Arcane-Transfigurated Edition" + 4 bonus (demo) tracks    5.00
Cruachan "The Middle Kingdom" 7.00
Cruachan "Folklore" 7.00
Cruadalach "Agni- Unveil What's Burning Inside" 2.00
Crucifiction "Portals To The Beyond" 5.00
Crucifix "Respekt For Aldre" 2.00
Crucifix Nocturnal Christians "Circus Of Angels" 2.00
Cruel Humanity "Creatures Of Fear" 2.00
Crusader "Skinclad" 2.00
Crux Dissimulata "Expedition Punitive" 5.00
Crying Blood "Animae Damnatae" 2.00
Crypt Of Silence "Beyond Shades" 2.00
Crypt Vapor "Tombe Della Citta" 9.00
Cryptic "Infinite Torment" 2.00
Crystal Viper "Crimen Excepta" + 2 bonus tracks 9.00
Cthuwulf "Peace Through Aural Sodomy: 2002-2010"  2-cd 3.00
Cuerno "Rec Comtal" 8.00
Cult Of Vampirism "Aporia" 2.50
Cult Of Vampirism "Fenomenologia" 3.00
Curare "Radical Accion" 2.00
Cutting Embryo "Fekal Apetit" 2.00
Cyanosis "Concieving Abhorrehnce" 2.00
Cyber Cross "Mega Trip" 2.00
Cydia "Evil Sun" 2.00
Cydia "Victims Of System" 4.00
Cyril Achard "Violencia" 6.00
Cystic Dysentery "Homicidal Suicide" 7.00
D9 "D9"  2.00
D.A.D. "Scare Yourself"  enhanced cd + bonus track + bonus video 7.00
D.I.S. "Becoming Wrath" + 2 bonus tracks 2.00
Daath "The Hinderers" 5.00
Daath "The Concealers" 9.00
Dadabovic "Carbamazepine"   digi 2.00
Daedalion "Grande Dame Misere" 2.00
Daemon "Seven Deadly Sins" 7.00
Daemon "Eye For An Eye"  7.00
Daemonolith "By Order Of Decimation" + 2 bonus tracks 7.00
Dagoba "Post Mortem Nihil Est" 9.00
Daimonos "Intense Madness" + 5 bonus tracks 8.00
Dalkhu "Descend…Into Nothingness" 6.00
Dan Deagh Wealcan "Fragmented Consciousness" 3.50
Dancing Flame "Carnival Of Flames" 6.00
Dangerous Age "Troubled Times" 2.00
Daniel Lioneye "Vol II" 2.50
Dantalion "Return To Deep Letargy" 7.00